Founded in 2014, Kidsbuy has almost eight years of business experience to offer both high-quality and growth-beneficial balance bikes and tricycles. Kidsbuy is committed to helping parents choose carefully designed and kids-friendly products.

Kidsbuy created three main brands: XJD, GLAF and 67i. They are all our private brands. The three brands have their own characteristics and develop together. Our brands have won the trust of customers in the field of maternal and infant products and have been widely recognized.

XJD is the most representative private brand of Kidsbuy. What does XJD stand for?

We cannot count how many times our customers have asked us what our name means or stands for. So let us reveal it once and for all:

XJD means: eXperience Joy and Development.

We chose this name with strong confidence in delivering outdoor toys that let young children experience the world around them in the most safe and joyful way!

We know how important the early development is,

We know children learn best when playing and having fun.

From they are born, children are eager to learn as much as they can.

By keeping this childish curiosity alive with fun toys and healthy outdoors activities, they will lay a strong foundation of essential skills, benefitting them for the rest of their lives.

The first 8 years of a child’s life is especially important.

Every day is a day when they learn to walk, talk, understand the people and the world surrounding them.

They develop from a kid completely dependent on their parents,  to one starting in school and learning about the world for themselves.

XJD children’s products and outdoor toys stimulate your kids’ development, help keep their journey safe, fun and adventurous.

High quality outdoor toys are what we want to offer, to help the little ones explore and to develop their creativity, curiosity, and motor skills on their own hand, giving them a head start in life.

If you share the same enthusiasm as ours, the enthuasim for strengthening your child’s curiosity, imagination and creativity, through safe, healthy and joyful activities — then we have the outdoor toys and products for you here!



Based on 7 reviews
Grandsons 1st bday

Sturdy playscape suitable for boy or girl. Poor instructions that required a plastic screwdriver not included!

Fun for my 1 year old

This was easy to assemble by just one person (me) and took about 90 minutes. My little one enjoys it so far, although he can’t quite climb the stairs yet. I think I’ll get about a year of use which seems good enough for me. Great price, too.

Amazing gift!! Exceeds expectations completely, five stars!

67i 3 in 1 Foldable Slide Set for Toddlers Age 1-3 Green

very good! like it

Kids Freestanding Slide Set Indoor/Outdoor Toddler Play Set, Blue Grey
Really fun for play! My kid loves it so much

Very interesting to play with. It is suitable for both indoor and outdoor. It is also easy to assemble. Satisfied shopping.